Start Harp - Level 3 - 22nd April 2018

£245.00 £295.00

START HARP LEVEL 3 is a 12 week online harp course designed to follow on from START HARP LEVEL 2, it is also open to those with some foundation knowledge of playing the harp looking to develop their skills further.

In START HARP LEVEL 1 complete beginners work on the foundations and building blocks required to take their first steps towards becoming a proficient harpist.

In START HARP LEVEL 2 we begin to learn how to put your basic skills into playing harp music more confidently; working on fluidity, new skills and building on your abilities.  Each week you will be introduced to a new repertoire piece and given activities including warm up ideas relating to the piece, exercises to help you master tricky sections and ways to extend and add to the piece to make it your own. 

START HARP LEVEL 1 and 2 materials are all based in C major and can be accessed on any harp with two octave note range (C-C-C) or more.

START HARP level 3 is aimed at harps with a full set of levers and/or pedal harps. The course is ideal those playing on Celtic Harps and Pedal harps, although many lap harps will also be suitable - if you play a lap harp please contact Shelley first on email ( to let her know the octave range on your instrument so I can advise if the materials will be accessible. 

The course consists of videos and written materials designed to help you work on theory, technique, new repertoire, improvisation, playing by ear and a weekly 20-25 minute play-a-long practice video to use daily, to help you really focus your learning if you are short of time.

The course follows on from START HARP LEVEL 2 and has a focus on playing in different keys (up to 3b’s and 3#’s). Other elements of the course include:

Techniques “Moving on”

Including looking at harmonics, different ways of damping,  4th finger slides, thumb slides,
 mid piece lever/pedal changes and trills. 

Think Theory videos:

Including; reading and writing pedal chart, modulating to join pieces together, learning new key signatures, learning about the relative major/minors.

 ‘A Spotlight On’ lessons:

Including; practice techniques,
avoiding aches and pains,
extending repertoire quickly,
 preparing to perform and learning to teach yourself.

The full price for this course is £295 but as this course but if you sign up before the end of March the fee will be £245 this term.

To take START HARP level 3 you must either have completed START HARP level 1 and 2 or contact Shelley Fairplay direct to discuss your level to make sure this course is the appropriate level for you. 

Following payment you will receive an email from confirming you have paid, next you will be sent a signup certificate within 48 hours. Following that you will be invited to join the online classroom and Facebook group.

If you have any questions please email 

I look forward to seeing you in class! 

With all best wishes,

Shelley Fairplay